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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Most people who pursue financial planning services have a specific goal in mind. Maybe you want to figure out how best to invest a large private settlement you received or you need advice on retirement planning. These are excellent individual reasons to seek out a financial advisor, but a more comprehensive approach is even better.

What Is Comprehensive Financial Planning?

A comprehensive plan takes a more holistic approach to assessing your financial situation and making recommendations. These are some of the actions your financial advisor might cover when taking this approach:

    • Determining your income streams, assets and debts
    • Understanding your current and future financial goals
    • Advising you on available options for reducing your tax burden
    • Preparing your income replacement for when you retire
    • Protecting your current and future estates from lawsuits, divorces and other threats
    • Advising you on how to pass your future estate on to your beneficiaries

    Why Do You Need a Comprehensive Approach?

    When you seek financial advice for one piece of your financial puzzle, you may find that other plans take a hit. For instance, if you only seek assistance with retirement, your financial advisor might not know to also include concerns for owning a second home in the next five years or your intention to pay full tuition for your children.

    Comprehensive planning helps ensure you touch all your bases and cover all priorities. Contact Financial Partners Group to find out more about how our team can help you achieve this.

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